When Was Jesus Born and Why Does It Matter? And Introduction to God Save the King

As of this writing, my TV show—“God Save the King”—is in post-production, preparing for a release/air date on Parables.TV around, you guessed it—Christmas time! The irony is so…ironic.

As my team and I slug away at getting everything ready in time, we continue to acquire more followers on social media. For those of you who are new to “liking” or following GSK, I thought I would share (or re-share), some earlier articles and posts, etc., for you to familiarize yourself with the project. The following is a short article I wrote for a different blog about a year and half ago.[1]

Many years ago, I was introduced to a provocative theory regarding the accurate birth date for Jesus Christ—and you guessed it, it is not December 25th. This theory fascinated me because it was based on real biblical, historical, and scientific evidence, and not on tradition. Because of this, I have been investigating the historical events leading up to and surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ for over 30 years.

It may come as a surprise that it has been widely known for several centuries, that not only was Jesus of Nazareth not born on December 25th, but in fact could not have been born on December 25th. In over 30 years of researching the birth of Christ, I have yet to discover a single serious biblical or historical scholar who defends a December 25 birth date for Jesus of Nazareth with enough significant reliable evidence to even put a dent in the mountain of evidence that suggests an alternative date.

Given the fact that it is widely known that Jesus could not have been born on December 25th and that no serious biblical scholar has suggested such for several centuries, it is frankly rather astonishing how often people are surprised when informed that Jesus of Nazareth was not born on Christmas Day.

This fact is accompanied by an equally tragic and ironic fact that the sources for most of what we think we know about the birth of Christ tend to be Christmas cards, Christmas carols, Christmas pageants, and nativity scenes—most of which are built on the false assumption that Jesus was born on December 25th. When it comes to an accurate knowledge of Christ’s birth, and even to a significant degree, who Jesus was and what he was like when he walked the Earth—the “Christmas” sources have done more harm than good.

This is doubly ironic when we consider the fact, that I will share in detail in future posts, that we have known for several hundred years that Jesus was not born on December 25th—which means that most, if not all, of the “Christmas” related sources that presume a December 25th birth date were developed within a time frame when this fact was already well-known.

The holiday we now celebrate (“Christmas”) is an invention that occurred primarily in America starting in the late 18thcentury and developing into its current form through the 19th and early 20th centuries. Any association with the birth of Christ is based, although frequently unknowingly, on incorrect facts.

More to come…

[1] https://endofreligion.org/2016/05/20/when-was-jesus-born-and-why-does-it-matter/

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